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    The contribution of experienced and dedicated staff has been crucial for the development and implementation of our business goals. Our Group employs 250 employees with specialized knowledge and training in different fields, who prioritize to immediately serve the needs of the Greek pharmacy.

    We strive to always remain informed about the latest developments and to continuously improve the services we offer. We are in a constant effort to train and develop the professional skills of our staff. We believe that highlighting and exploiting their strengths, evolves us, differentiates us and ultimately leads us to success.

    To achieve all the above, we organize training seminars and specialized courses for all departments of the company. At the same time, we ensure that there is a constant internal training and information of our employees. We are interested in the professional and personal development of our executives.

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Thus, we created the "Innovation Lab", an innovation workshop that takes place once a year and aims to cooperation of all employees of the company and the team work of different specialties in order to

  • Τhink beyond everyday life and make the most out of the diversity of the team.
  • Develop bonds with colleagues with whom we have not worked again outside our division.
  • Create innovative ideas.
  • Differentiate.

In the offices of our company the environment is friendly, healthy, happy and without exclusions. All our employees are treated as separate individuals and enjoy equal rights. We provide motives for creativity and initiative and reward innovation. At the same time, we encourage our employees to communicate with each other and socialize.

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