Safety of our employees and clients is a priority! When the covid pandemia reached our country, quick adjustment to the new state was crucial in order to keep our services as unaffected as possible.

So, we applied the following:

  • Re-organization of our workplace in order to keep the required distances amongst the employees.
  • Precautionary PCR tests for SARS-CoV-2 to the whole personnel.
  • Use of surgical face masks and alcohol solutions during the day.
  • Regular disinfection of our facilities.
  • Disinfection of every incoming box and bucket.
  • Thermometry of everyone who is getting into the company.
  • Reduction of in-real-life meetings, we conducted online meetings and webinars instead.
  • Education of the personnel, posters and flyers on practices to prevent the virus transmission.

Watch the video about the rules we applied here.
covid vs liafarm