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    Our vision is the continuous development and evolution of the group guided always by respect for our partners, suppliers, employees, society and the environment. LIAFARM has been established as one of the largest pharmaceutical wholesalers in Greece however, we are not complacent. Our goal is always to improve our services by investing in human resources and cutting-edge technologies. We want to be a reference point and model of business both in the field of medicines as well as in the field of business, innovation and initiative for our country.


    • Throughout the historical course of the group, since the year of its establishment, the continuous service, ensuring and developing of excellent cooperation with pharmacists is at the center of our expectations.
    • We want to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our customers.
    • We make continuous investments in cutting-edge technologies.
    • We offer the ideal conditions, environment and work culture.
    • Our main goal remains the continuous improvement!

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    • Quality: Through strict quality control procedures, we ensure the excellent quality of our products and services.
    • Loyalty: We prove in practice our loyalty both at a corporate level as well as towards our partners.
    • Innovation: Always aiming at evolving, but also continuing to improve all of our services, as we invest in innovative solutions.
    • Initiative: We encourage initiative by always aiming at the progress of our services.
    • Team spirit: We know very well that cooperation always brings the best results. We provide motives to enhance communication and dialogue.
    • Safety: Our priority is the health and safety of our employees and we make everything to ensure it.
    • Adequacy: We always ensure the best possible adequacy in the quantities of our codes.
    • Completeness: With a completeness of 18,000 codes we make sure that we provide the most complete range of products in our industry.
    • Speed: By constantly upgrading our services, we always strive to deliver on time.

    Our goal is to always improve our services by investing on human resources and cutting-edge technologies.

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