An integral part of our success is the contribution of our experienced and dedicated human resources. At LIAFARM, our priority is always the overall service of the Greek pharmacy. To achieve this, we have developed an expanded range of roles and functions in marketing, sales, revenue, warehousing, receipts, returns and more.

The Management and the staff are always at the disposal of our associates, listening to their opinions and remarks as they significantly contribute to the improvement of our services.

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    Ordering Department

    Our call center consists of 40 trained staff members, with a degree in pharmacy or pharmacy assistance, who are therefore able to serve the daily needs and requirements of our customers. These are well-trained professionals who know the needs as well as the operation of a pharmacy and can serve you directly and methodically. We serve a total of 8,000 calls daily.

    Our call center:

    • Answers incoming calls immediately.
    • Advises on generic drugs, active substances, parapharmaceuticals and orthopedics.
    • Manages the quantities in items that are in short supply with the aim of a smooth supply to the market.
    • Informs about current offers, new launches and industry developments.
    • Accepts the concerns of our partners and offers solutions.

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    e - Commerce

    Our company has a modern and easy-to-use electronic ordering system with a 24-hour access to our warehouse. Through this system our customers can:

    • Send their orders whenever they want.
    • Be informed regarding prices, discounts, the VAT category, our offers and the availability of the items.
    • Maintain their warehouse electronically through the automatic creation of an order and the automatic registration of purchase invoices.

    LIAFARM e-order is harmonized with all pharmacy operating programs.

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    Department of marketing and promotional activities

    LIAFARM has an autonomous department of planning and communication of promotions with the aim of increasing the profitability of a modern pharmacy. Our customers enjoy daily, weekly and monthly offers with the most preferential terms of the market in the most often used codes.

    With market investigation as the main tool, our company offers personalized solutions which fit to every client. Taking into consideration the needs of the market, our goal is to create new opportunities and innovative services for the pharmaceutical sector.

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    Sales Department

    Sales department consists of 20 specialized associates. The sales representative of each one of our customers is always available and visits pharmacies to meet the needs of our customers before they even emerge.

    Our primary goal is the immediate response to the requirements of our customers, in order to create long-term partnerships based on trust towards our company. Our efforts are focused on providing solutions for development and mutual benefit.

    Sales representatives, through intensive and continuous training, have:

    • Legal and financial knowledge.
    • Useful pharmacy development advice and tips, such as up-selling / cross-selling techniques.
    • Guidelines for optimizing pharmacy management.

    Their training in the full range of operation of a pharmacy makes them competent consultants in the service of the pharmacy.

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    Supplies Department

    The supplies department is a fully organized department of 10 people that daily makes sure that our warehouse has the greatest code completeness and the maximum possible supply adequacy.

    Based on a fully automated ordering system, our pharmacy can inform its partners about:

    • Upcoming shortcomings
    • Seasonality
    • Sudden changes in demand
    • Consumer-patient response to new launches
    • Products with common active substance that can be used in cases of shortages
    • Promotions that increase the profitability of the pharmacy
    • Upcoming price changes

    Our primary goal is for patients to meet their needs through our organized network of partners throughout Northern Greece.

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    Order Execution Department

    LIAFARM is ranked as one of the most modern pharmaceutical wholesalers in Europe.

    We have:

    • The most innovative automated facilities in Greece with the ability to execute up to 1,200 orders per hour in more than 20,000 codes.
    • BMS system (Building Management System) for compliance and monitoring of building conditions 24 hours a day / 365 days a year.
    • Systems that limit the error rate to 0.01%.

    The technology that we use allows us to provide our customers with information on the expiration date and batch number of goods. Our customers feel safe in the accuracy of our deliveries.

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    Distribution Department

    Our pharmaceutical store has a modern privately owned fleet of 82 vehicles that makes daily itineraries in 36 prefectures. Our goal is for orders to arrive easily and quickly at every pharmacy in all weather conditions. We serve 2,500 customers daily, up to 5 times a day.

    All the vehicles of our company have

    • Cooling system in the cabin and are fully harmonized with GDP on the proper handling of medicinal products.
    • Route optimization to always choose the shortest route to the pharmacy.
    • Loggers for recording and monitoring temperature, in order to ensure the right conditions during the distribution of products.

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    Revenue Department

    The revenue department, in the context of the simplification of procedures, implements modern functions for the facilitation of the pharmacies. We are always beside our partners in order to provide financial security and solutions.

    The revenue department is always informed about the developments in the industry so that it can timely and quickly inform our partners about any changes in the pharmaceutical world, such as changes in EOPYY payments, VAT categories, tax changes and more.

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    Returns Department

    Medicine is the only type of product that does not involve the risk of stock, as it is reimbursed at its expiration at 100% of its current value. LIAFARM regularly informs its customers about the policy of returns, recalls, cancellation of items, defective items and other instances.

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    Export-import Department

    The export-import department is active in the wholesale of drugs and parapharmaceuticals inside and outside the European Union in over 50 countries. At the same time, it visits the largest exhibitions in the world for the constant information and finding of new products and technologies in the field of medicine. We always strive to introduce new products and technologies in order to meet the modern and ever-increasing needs of the Greek patient. Thanks to the wide network of partners and the close monitoring of the developments in the pharmaceutical world, we are able to anticipate the needs of the Greek market.

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