Miltos Koudounis was born and raised in Thessaloniki. He is one of the most experienced execs of the pharmaceutical sector with a 35 year long experience in Stroumsas Group. One the milestones of his career is the application for the first time of a well-organised headphone order-taking system, back in 1988. In 1995, he installs the first automated SDA system in the old facilities, in Ptolemeon street, and then, the first deliveries of LIAFARM in other provinces begin. At that time, LIAFARM was the one and only pharmaceutical wholesaler with deliveries beyond Thessaloniki. In 1999, he strongly participates in LIAFARM'S development with a strategic plan of geographical spreading to 23 provinces. He has been a pioneer in logistics, participating in the designing programm of KNAPP for the robotic installations in LIAFARM in 2005. This installation was the most contemporary automated center in Europe. His career is characterised by continuous investments in cutting-edge technology and machinery. In 2008, the company achieves an automation level of 98%. His contribution in training of human resources is crucial as well. He has been a president and vice-president of IONAS STROUMSAS SA and LIAFARM SA for more than 25 years. Today, he is keeping on driving LIAFARM to the top from a leading position.

As a child and teenager, he was a voleyball player with participations in numerous leagues. He loves sea and diving. A passion of him is also gardening in the 40 acres wide land around LIAFARM.

He speaks Greek and English.

He is married with Loukia Stroumsa and he has a daughter, Lia.

Lia Koudouni was born and raised in Thessaloniki. Since she graduated with excellence from Mantoulidis Schools, she kept on with her studies in Business Management and Administration at University of Macedonia. It was always a goal of her to get into the business world. She holds an LL.M in Trade & Competition Law from Democritus University where she enriched her knowledge on business from a different perspective. Then, she moved in Switzerland where she completed the 'Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders' mini-MBA from IMD of Lausanne. While studying in Switzerland, she had the opportunity to work with leading businessmen from all over the world and come up with innovative ideas. Coming back in Thessaloniki, she was going to deal with the family business. Before taking over LIAFARM, she worked in various positions including Trade Management, Logistics Management, Supply Management and Financial Management. By participating in all company's divisions, she very quickly gained valuable experience to hold LIAFARM. Today, she is working with passion and enthusiasm in order to meet her goals and vision: to establish LIAFARM as one of top businesses in Greece and Europe as well.

Since a very young age, she has been participating in international horse-riding games. She has been the gold winner of both Greek and Balkan Championships, she has participated with distinction in European and World games. Her kind love for the animals is carried on in LIAFARM, a company with sensitivity and responsibility about the environment and our four-legged friends.

She speaks Greek, English and German. She is the author of two books entitled "Valuation of a Business" and "Pros & Cons of the Pharmaceutical World", respectively.


Chief Executive Officer

General Director

Chief Operating Officer

Commercial Director

Supply Manager

Customer Service Manager

Financial Manager

Distribution Manager

Contact & Public Relations Manager

Credit Control Manager

Imports - Exports Manager

Licensed Pharmacist

e-Commerce Manager

Marketing Manager

Logistics Manager