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    At a time when everything is evolving rapidly, more and more demands are created and all of us at LIAFARM seek to be one step ahead, to respond to changes and ensure stable and long-term collaborations.

    To achieve this goal, STROUMSAS Business Group is constantly developing, giving special weight to new investment plans and expanding its activity to ensure the overall service of the pharmacy.

    The headquarters of our Group are located in privately owned facilities in Thessaloniki in an area of​ 40.000 sq. m. The building facilities cover a total area of ​​10.000 sq.m. holding the title of the most modern infrastructure in the pharmaceutical sector in Europe.

    We provide our customers with high quality services. The execution of orders and the management of the warehouse are both performed by state-of-the-art automated machines with the ability to execute 1,200 orders per hour. Thus, we are willing to excellently serve 2,500 pharmacies daily. The automated Distribution Center is an investment project with a total value of 22.5 million Euros and it was executed in two phases. The 1st phase was completed in 2005 and the 2nd in 2008. It serves as a reference point as a Logistic Center model for the entirety of Europe.

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    Among all the above, we ensure speed in the storage of products, timely execution and delivery of orders, as well as minimization of errors.

    At LIAFARM we prioritize the safety of our employees as well as the safety of the products.

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Our facilities include:

  • Fire protection: portable fire extinguishers, fire detection system, manual alarm system, permanent water supply, a fire network (fire nests) and sprinklers are installed in key points of the building.
  • Building access control: only authorized personnel have access inside the company, the offices and  the storage facilities.
  • Security services: the premises of the facilities are guarded 24 hours a day.
  • Building Management Systems: it provides stable environmental conditions (in terms of temperature, humidity and lighting).

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