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    For all of us at LIAFARM, social responsibility and environmental responsibility is not only a practice but a matter of ethics as well.

    Environmental friendliness is part of our Group's philosophy and it is fully integrated into the design of the facilities. Specific procedures and systems are used in this direction:


    Recycling of cardboard boxes and materials

    In our group there is a system for collecting and then disposing of materials such as batteries and paper packaging.

    Use of sunlight for lighting the premises (solar tubes)

    Light tubes that operate on solar energy have been installed in the STROUMSAS Group. Applying this lighting medium saves during the day the electricity that would be consumed for lighting, in all weather conditions even in the absence of sun, creating a pleasant and healthy environment.

    The environment of the fcilities is automatically controlled by a BMS system while heating and cooling are conducted by using natural gas.

    The BMS system monitors and controls all the electromechanical systems of the building, such as cooling, heating, ventilation, lighting, energy systems. Τhe use of natural gas helps reduce gaseous pollutants. These installations achieves energy savings, thermal / visual comfort and reduction of the corporate carbon footprint

    Eco-friendly transports

    Our transports are conducted respecting nature. Our vehicles are operating with eco-friendly fuels in order to minimize pollutants' emission. Our vehicle fleet includes electric EcoCars, the design of which contributes to faster service for our clients.

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Aiming to make a substantial contribution to society as a whole, we carry out actions that benefit social sustainability. Throughout the historical course of the Group, from the year of its establishment in 1959 until today, the offer to society is at the center of our expectations and goals. We recognize that our company is a member of a society that interacts with the external environment. We therefore seek to actively contribute to this by creating relationships of trust that develop over time.

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